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The RöllR can be used before or after training.
For those who worry about warming up before training, the Polymos RöllR is the ideal companion. Just by doing 10 minutes of auto massage will warm up yourmuscles and prepare them for the workout. Furthermore, according to the last study from Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, by doing 2 to 10 minutesof foam rolling before your workout will allow you to gain in elasticity without losing in strength.
As you may know, conventional stretching at the beginning of a workout will make you gain in elasticity and flexibility but will diminish strength and performance.
This is where the RöllR exercise roller will be beneficial because the warm up it provides is done without bringing muscular fatigue. It is recommended to do, in slow movements, 30 to 60 seconds per muscular area.
As for its after training use, the RöllR is to be used for a minimum of 10 minutes in order to massage the tissues and improve recovery. Studies show that the foam roller after training allows not only to reduce the fatigue felt, but also to improve vascular endothelium circulation (the most inner blood vessel layer, the one in
contact with the blood) and improves arterial rigidity.

Before and after physical activity

  • Improves blood flow
  • Brings oxygen to the muscles
  • Increases nutriment supply to the muscles to improve recovery
  • Accelerates waste elimination after physical activity and improves recovery
  • Eliminates tension points (knots)
  • Reduces overall muscular tension
  • Maximizes warm up efficiency without tiring the muscles
  • Contributes to a good strength-flexibility balance


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