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  Why Juice?

Every morning I juice. I do this as soon as I have a break between clients. For me, this is a non negotiable duty that  I must do to ensure that I give my body what it needs in nutrients (vitamins, minerals and enzymes) on a daily basis to perform well, and have positive energy. True, that with juicing, you do not get the fiber, but what you do get is concentrated power for your body that you could never manage to eat in one sitting. For example, while you might only eat one whole carrot, you can drink the juice of five or six carrots. The importance of this in preventing cancer, injuries, or any disease or depletion issue is obvious. When you are healthy, drinking the fresh raw juice just makes you healthier.
~Frances Michaelson

To hear more from Frances Michaelson, visit her blog at www.francesmichaelson.com/
  What's in Your Shopping Cart?
It seems that whenever we read articles on weight loss and dieting, the focus is always on caloric restriction and lowering portion size. Why not focus on what we should be eating for our bodies to perform well? If we take in alkaline forming foods most of the time, it would be easier to cheat once in a while.
I am still horrified when I am in the supermarket and I  take a look at what people are buying. I am still seeing a lot of soft drinks, juices, cheese, canned foods, microwave frozen dinners, and other items I call STUFF.  Where are the nutrients in these dead foods? It is no wonder that people are tired, lifeless, lazy and depressed!
We need living whole foods to perform well and feel great. Alkaline nutrients from foods like fruits, raw veggies, and grains including quinoa, wild rice, bulgur, buckwheat, seeds, and some nuts. My rule of thumb is "only purchase foods that you can see and that came from life". We are organic and require organic food sources in order to absorb, digest, utilize and eliminate well. When we take in waste (dead foods), we create waste on the inside. Too much acidic (dead foods) result in waste in our bodies that ferment, creating toxins. All symptoms are a result of this waste material that the body cannot eliminate.
~ Frances Michaelson
To hear more from Frances Michaelson, visit her blog at www.francesmichaelson.com/

Chocolate Milk after a workout? I don’t think so…

Shame on some strength coaches who are preaching the use of chocolate milk to their athletes after a workout, and shame on the media for printing this. Sadly, these people know nothing about nutrition, because if they did, they would realize that sugar, fat and the protein in our milk today is the enemy!

If you have not been educated as to the problem with milk and other dairy food, let me try and explain. Cow’s milk is for cows. Adults cannot digest milk at all and develop deeper congestive problems as they get older. The enzyme called lactase is necessary to break down the lactose-the main sugar in milk. We lack this digestive enzyme, which results in increased mucus production when we drink cow’s milk. This mucus mixed with starch can cause a heavy mucoid plaque to build up on the intestinal walls. Can this explain why you might feel bloated after eating cheese and drinking milk? On top of this, cow’s milk (in this country), is pasteurized. Heat changes the chemistry of the milk, as well as changing its nature from alkaline-forming to acid-forming, and this heat destroys any minerals or vitamins you think you might be getting. So let’s see what is in Chocolate Milk? If it is 250 millilitres of 1%, we are looking at 160 calories, 1.5 grams of saturated fat and 27 grams of carbohydrates (25 grams of which is sugar). Sugar is very nutritionally deficient. Sugar is a fragmented plant food derived from sugar cane, and all of the nutrients have been refined away. This is NOT A RECOVERY DRINK-THIS IS POISON!

Here is my suggestion for an alternative to Chocolate Milk: 1 cup of almond milk, 2-4 dates soaked, 1 tbsp. raw cacao, unsweetened dark cacao or carob powder, organic vanilla extract or vanilla powder and I tbsp. mesquite powder. Throw this into your blender and you will be set to go. Other alternatives, worth looking at are in the VEGA line of products, created by Brendan Brazier. These plant based proteins are carefully researched, digest well and are derived from whole foods. I personally enjoy them and recommend them to my clients.
~Frances Michaelson 
To hear more from Frances Michaelson, visit her blog at www.francesmichaelson.com/

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