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Muscle Up Canada

           Enduromax (100 mL)

Enduromax (100 mL)


ENDURO-MAX is a unique and synergistic formulation designed with the most widely used herbs known to build strength and endurance as well as improving performance and drive.

Ginseng Root *: is often recommended to help increase energy levels and endurance. It also appears to improve both physical and mental performance under conditions of stress.

Maca Root *: has the ability to boost energy levels and to increase physical stamina and performance. Maca root extract has been used to improve mental clarity and is widely used as an aphrodisiac for both men and women.

Schisandra Berries **: used to improve physical and mental performance and often given as an energy tonic to restore vitality.

Eleuthero Root *: Helps oxygenation of the cells and tissues of the body and helps the cells deal with lactic acid build-up. It is also known to positively influence endurance and stamina.

Fo-Ti Root *: is known as an adaptogenic and longevity herb and used to replenish the blood and counteract general weakness.

Nettle Herb **: known for its chlorophyll content and is highly nutritious. It prevents and counteracts fatigue and helps to build the blood.

Dandelion Root *: is a gentle cleansing tonic and has the ability to help the liver and improve digestion.

Astragalus Root *: is a classic energy tonic and improves physical endurance, stamina and increases immune resistance.

Prickly Ash Bark **: used to increase the levels of oxygen and nutrients available to the muscle and other body tissues.

* Certified organic / ** Wild-crafted  

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