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           Nervo-Ton Supreme (50 mL)

Nervo-Ton Supreme (50 mL)


NERVO-TON SUPREME is a unique combination of synergistic herbs known for their powerful ability to support and balance the nervous system.


Valerian Root *: is an excellent herb known to help treat anxiety and tension and is a very effective and gentle sleeping aid.

Fresh Hops *: is used to relax the central nervous system and will aid relieve cases of insomnia, tension and anxiety.

Fresh Borage *: is used primarily for its calmative properties and general effects on the central nervous system.

Fresh Passionflower *: is a plant known for its sedative and soothing action on the nerves

Fresh St-Johnswort *: is a very popular plant endowed with many multiple properties especially as an antidepressant.

Fresh Oat Seed *: is a very common and excellent remedy for strengthening the entire nervous system including treating exhaustion when associated with stress.

Fresh Skullcap *: is an effective herb that relaxes and revives the central nervous system.

* Certified organic / ** Wild-crafted

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