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           Course: Dynamic Medicine Ball Training Course

Course: Dynamic Medicine Ball Training Course



This three-DVD set is the definitive program for medicine ball training.

Volume 1 - How-to's of Medicine Ball Training
Using scientifically applied principles of program design to Medicine Ball training, you will learn how to select:

  • Medicine ball size & weight

  • Speed of movement

  • Reps

  • Sets

  • Intensity

  • Rest periods

Volume 2 - Torso Training
You will learn how to create an intelligent and functional midsection! The exercises in this DVD will not only make you stronger, but will serve as preventitive conditioning against orthopedic injury!

Volume 3 - Rotator Cuff, Arms and Legs
In this DVD you will learn cutting edge rotator cuff, upper and lower extremity strength and power techniques – essential information for trainers, therapists, coaches and athletes!

This is a must-have series for any coach or serious athlete who wants to gain the most out of medicine ball training.

4 DVD's: 3hrs 36 mins
With: Paul Chek

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