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           Deluxe Glute Ham Bench

Deluxe Glute Ham Bench


The Glute Ham bench will allow you to perform some of the most challenging trunk flexion and extension (lower back) exercises out there, giving you a true connection between your upper and lower body. Very popular in cross-fit routines, the Tonic Performance GHD is strong and rugged, while offering easy and multiple adjustments that will enable the users to exercise with proper form and comfort. The Tonic Performance GHD offers a footplate that is quick to adjust in order to accommodate users of all height. The GHD is painted with a durable powder coat finish and features a half moon split pads made out of high density foam and top quality leather that won't break down even after heavy usage. This unit is rated commercial.

Color: Black frame & Black upholstery

Assembled size: (L) 1800mm * (W) 664 mm * (H) 1126 mm

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