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It is so great that we have so many options available to us these days when it comes to releasing tight muscles. Although going for a massage feels great, it is hard to always fit it in to our schedules and let’s face it , they can be pricey ! Now with all the many releasing tools on the market, there is no excuse to not take some time and roll out, especially after work out.

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At muscleup, we often get asked which is the best product to get. When it comes to foam rollers, there are a few options. You can purchase what we call a mini , which measures 6″ x 12 ” . It is a little cheaper than the full length and easier to throw in a bag, take to the gym, or on a trip.

The full length, 6 x 36 is great to get that full body roll. You can lie on it vertically to just let go and relax into a full stretch , and at the same time have more available positions to roll out your the back and front of your body . You can see some positions we enjoy on our Youtube channel


For those that would rather not have to get down on the floor, we now have the RAD roller , RAD rounds, RAD rod, and RAD helix.
I love this piece for multi tasking , can use in a meeting , while on a speaker call , and even on the plane . It is light and easy to carry on in your bag.


Our reflex balls come in 4 sizes and work well , especially for rolling the feet . They are very inexpensive , and make great gifts for kids as well.

When asked the best time to roll, my answer is always when you have the time, but especially before or after a work out. A few minutes of rolling out followed by some dynamic stretches will help you benefit more from your training as you will not have to endure sore and tight muscles and fascia .

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