If you are looking to build a home gym , or perhaps wanting to do a bit of upgrading , we are there to help you make the right decisions. It is easy to overspend and end up with products that you either never use or are the wrong fit.

A few mini bands and resistance tubing go a long way . You can train your legs and arms in very little space with these products and they are easy to throw in a bag when travelling . They come in a variety of strengths and colours. Do not forget the small door anchor ,which is must to use with the resistance tubing as it will offer you a wider range of exercises to do .  A stability ball is a must . You can use this instead of a bench if you want to keep the expenses lower and achieve more balance challenge at the same time. Your height and fitness level will dictate what size you purchase, although the most common is the 55 cm.


A skipping rope and a step are great options to get your cardio in and much cheaper than a treadmill !!

An exercise mat is a must as you want to save your back and feel good while doing your floor work or stretches. On the topic of stretches , rolling your body should not be neglected . We offer a wide variety of foam rollers and massage tools.

Muscle Up Exercise Mat

Last , but not least, high on the popularity list is suspension training . If you are knew to that expression, it translates to body weight training . The TRX tops the list and is a great investment . These systems can be anchored from the ceiling , or to a wall anchor , or from a squat rack. If that does not work, they also come with a door anchor , which every home has!

TRX home

Once the products are in place , all you need to do is get started . I find that the biggest challenge with home training is motivation to do it , or not knowing exactly what to do to keep the training fun. Starting off with a program from a professional trainer targeting your weaknesses and challenging your strengths is the way to go. This program should be changed every 4 weeks or so to see results and keep you motivated.

We offer this service at muscleup as well.

Stay fit and healthy!

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